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Interactive Catering Solutions

Expocat has an in-built powerful sytem for catering companies worldwide that ensures smooth functioning of your business processes to ease the management and grow business.

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I'm crafted with a powerful system for smooth management and functioning of your catering units.

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Industrial or Contract catering

Industrial catering, Kitchen management or Contract catering Management System is not new in the present scenario, but with the technological advancement in all areas is pushing further to all new heights of exploring new ideas to make further easy, reliable and fast processing of works.

Our aim is to make changes into the current scenario of catering services and introduce a whole new idea of catering services for easy and user friendly maintenance.

This software application will utilise all latest technologies to produce the best automated catering facility for low, middle and high-level catering companies. The basic needs of a catering company are embedded into this software and can also be customized with respect to each company's personal way of working.

Our Mission

Our Mission is to simplfy and accelerate the whole process of your catering business with advanced technologies.

Our Vision

To enact a perfect system for any type of catering management with technological advancement to reduce human efforts and raise the business values

Our Team

Expocat has been developed to ease Contract catering or Industrial catering from a team of highly skilled software developers. It has been researched and analysed from catering units in GCC, Asia, Europe & US.

Expocat has
The Capability

To take over your catering business in an efficient way

Counter Management

Double entry blocking system.
Next day food quantity estimator.
Special group counter for group meals supply.
Barcode swiping is the main highlight here.

Customer Management

Easy Blocking/Unblocking of customers if needed.
Complete tracking of customer in single screen.
Unique Barcode Id is given to customer for swiping in self kiosk counters.

Invoice Management

One click easy invoice generation.
Automatic calculation of Rates/person according to courses defined for them.
Strict control over payment returns.
Automatic limiting of Non invoiced customers at counter.

Stock Management

All the stock are managed in this module with the systematic approach of purchase request, quotation and purchase order and automatic entry of stock upon purchase. Vendor vise entry and managing details of vendor/supplier can be managed easily.

POS Counter

A user friendly POS screen will help in maintaining day to day supply of food at counters. Automatic selection of course on the basis of current system time is enabled, which if required can be changed.

Daily Food Estimation

This is the main highlight of the whole system. This module can help in deciding the amount of food needed to be made upon seeing the estimated customers expected on that particular date. Once the generate button is pressed, you will get the required details on a single screen, separated on the basis of COURSE (Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner).

The prime solution for all types of Contract catering, Kitchen management or Industrial catering system

What People
Say About Us

I was really curious when team expocat said their catering management system not only speeds up our catering business but also provides better ROI. And they were right i started seeing positive changes within a short period of time. Daily food estimation is something else it really did help us cut the cost. Thanks alot team expocat.

Shihab - Royal Catering

What People
Say About Us

One thing about the team behind this system is that they knew what we wanted, they knew what our challanges were. i really wanna thank people behind Expocat and my friend who recommened this software for my business.

Saleem - Al Bashar

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